Full-time work is 38.5 hours a week for the average adult, with some if not most, juggling more hours to make ends meet, FIFO, studying, being a parent, running a business etc. In my line of work/lifestyle of the health field, I personally NEED time to rejuvenate and replenish myself so I can be the practitioner I need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Maintaining work-life balance is HARD but with careful planning it


I recently went on a spontaneous trip with a friend up to the Northern Territory for an unplanned road trip. All we booked were our flights and one of those outrageous Wicked Campers you see with funny and inappropriate slogans painted across the vehicle. We packed the car with healthy food, electrolytes, bush walking shoes, sunscreen, litres of water and our swimming gear and set off south east down the Stuart Highway from Darwin. We had 4 full days to visit national parks, sleep under the stars, visit indigenous landmark paintings, meet the locals, climb mountains to hidden waterfalls and plunge pools and hear about the history of certain areas. But most importantly really see this A M A Z I N G country, turn our phones off and not check the time.

Tips to make weekends away possible


> Prioritise your tasks – write lists for what needs doing (use a daily diary),  plan the day and week ahead. Instead of getting overwhelmed, take a pause and ask yourself what is more important to you in the current situation. Make conscious decisions and feel happy about them.
> Delegate times and set boundaries of your day to certain areas – for example: 5-8pm is time spent with kids, run errands once/twice a week, exercise before work
> Cut back on expenses (even short term) on things you don’t necessary need right now – put that money aside
> Trust and delegate work environments – prepare and be organised for other staff to run the show while you are away
> Get 6-8hours of unbroken sleep a night – if our bodies are not resting well, our mind cannot function well
> Set a goal – “At the end of this 3 month block I will go away for a long weekend”.
Remove guilt – have realistic expectations of yourself. Pat yourself on the back when you know you’ve done your best and you are managing things nicely. No one is superman/woman so ask for help when you need it.
> Lastly, book the trip! – get the ball rolling so that other steps will flow behind and make it all come together.