When you’re feeling a bit down, low energy, stressed, emotional or disconnected.. Here’s a few tips to nurture yourself:


Practice daily exercise, mix up it up with different types – walking, yoga, bike riding, mountain climbing, swimming, resistance training

Eat a nutritious well balanced diet – eat regular meals so that your blood sugar levels are maintained

Have a positive mindset, wake up with a happy intention

Spend time in nature

Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people

Take a bath with oils and epsom salt

Read a new book… and finish it

Join a community group – dancing, fitness, book club

Journal ideas, thoughts and emotions

Learn something new

Talk to a friend or a professional if you don’t feel like your coping or just need to get things off your chest

Go to a comedy show and have a good laugh with good friends

Be kind to yourself – go to bed early and rest when you need to

Respect yourself with boundaries

Look in the mirror and smile at yourself

Make yourself a cup and tea and sit outside in the sunshine

Practice conscious breathing and meditation or go to a tai chi class

Get some vitamin D and go for a swim in the ocean

Let go of criticism toward yourself and others

Have a health treatment such as acupuncture, massage, kinesiology

Spend time with animals, take a friends dog for a walk

Do something creative with your hands

Turn the television off and sit outside under the stars

Cook yourself your favourite food

Recognise all the good things in your life!


“If you can’t change something, change your attitude” – Maya Angelou