I was lucky enough to spend time in India this year doing my yoga teacher training with people from all walks of life. Yoga includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, for health and relaxation.

Yoga can improve all areas of you health and wellbeing

Just because you cant touch your toes or get yourself into bizarre postures that yoga is known for, doesn’t mean the practice of yoga cant improve your life. Start with a simple beginner class once a week to learn some simple postures and breathing techniques and then go from there!

You can benefit from:

Well rested sleep

Increased circulation

Better flexibility

Better posture

Improved balance

More strength

A toned body

More energy

Head clarity

Relaxation and peace

Pregnancy discomfort and birth preparation

Better sex

Lower blood pressure

Increased lymph flow

Increased metabolism

Better digestion

Reduced pain

Improvement for other sports

Better respiration

Reduced stress and anxiety

An inner calmness

Improve your outlook on life

A better connection with yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

There are MANY yoga classes all over the Sunshine Coast !!!