I recently visited WA for a holiday. First of all, if you haven’t seen a Quokka, put it on your bucket list as they are the friendliest marsupials you will ever see !

Secondly, it is really important for your wellbeing to take time off and get out of your usual environment, even just for a couple of days. We can become stagnant, bored and frustrated very quickly! So trying different foods, swimming in different seas, reading books in different coffee shops, experiencing different climates, switching off from work etc – they all shake up the day-to-day norm.

Spring is about growth, change and new beginnings in Chinese medicine. Just look at how nature mimics this with bursting flowers, warmer temperatures and the need to do a big clean out at home and also get outdoors in the fresh air.

Instead of doing new year resolutions in January, come out of your introverted Winter cave and try doing them in Spring so you can set new goals and make positive changes to your life!