What is Chinese Medicine?


The goal of Chinese medicine is to improve your quality of life now and keep you healthy throughout your life. The needles/pins don’t have medicine in them, what they do is stimulate your body to help your own body to make its own medicine. The pins spark your resources; what nature gave you and continues to give you.

Ancient Chinese physicians recognized and practiced on specific areas of the body (acupuncture points). These points were recognised and trialled to relieve pain, treat internal organ problems, reflect on disease conditions and activate the self healing ability to keep people well. 

Acupuncture and the other branches of Chinese medicine (nutrition, herbs, massage, heat therapy and exercise) restore homeostasis and keep the body functioning at an optimal level. When the body is functioning at an optimal level, we’re far less likely to get sick, and far more likely to recover quickly when we do get sick. 

A heart physician came to a Doctor of Chinese medicine asking him to explain how acupuncture works. His response :

You’re a surgeon, when you look at me through your naked eyes, what do you see?”

“I see you clothes, your eyes, your posture etc.”

“Okay, so through an X-ray machine, what do you see?”

“I by-pass everything and I see your bones.”

“Okay, so what about MRI’s, ultrasounds, you can see different parts of me again?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Okay, now imagine you have quantum glasses on or using a quantum machine, you can see everything on the quantum level. You look at me, what do you see?” The surgeon paused. “You by-pass all of the structures, and you see my energetic existence. You see all of the organs in colour and a more energetic network of me every time my heart beats, any physical function, any mental function that are supported by the whole energetic network.

So, on the surface of the body there are openings, like windows or doors, communicating with the energy in the environment. These openings are the acupuncture points. By stimulating these points, we can regulate the energy flow and balance the nature of it in a circulatory flow, unblocking the energy channels and even supplement the energy using the natural energy in the environment.”


 Let me ask you this… Do you think Chinese medicine (TCM) would have survived for more than 2,500 years and spread to every corner of the globe if it wasn’t a powerful, complete system of medicine? Did you know 3 millions Australians receive the benefits from TCM each year … How fantastic is that !